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Debi Pennington

Professional Coach Lake Havasu City, AZ

Debi Pennington  has spent most of her life helping others, both personally and professionally, something she is very passionate about.

As a Certified Life Coach, Solutions Focused Coach,  Transformational Coach  Practitioner, and a  B.S.  Psychology. Debi  works with individuals to help them find the solutions they need to live   more joyful and fulfilling lives.

Debi’s  main area of interest and expertise, is helping empower individuals to accept themselves and learn how to have more meaning in all their relationships and areas of their lives.



Before I met Debi my soul was lost forever, I was stuck in Iraq and not coming home. She pulled me out of the ashes of my dead friends and dusted me off slapped me and showed me I had come home along time ago. My family needed me, they have me, forever changing my life in a way no one was able to. Debi saved my life, and my family. I would have quit and now that is not an option. Debi showed me that through the fog of war the very thing I left to protect was starving for me, loved me, and wanted me to be done fighting. They wanted me to understand that I am their dad, and husband. Today I love again, and have peace with the tools to continue to remain in this peace and push back the fog from overwhelming me.

Thank you!

When I met Debi over 3 years ago I was beat down and did not know who I was. I had no love for myself as well. At the time I was coming out of an abusive relationship and was searching for my inner happiness. I did not know who I was or what made me happy. Debi took the time to start planting seeds within me. On a daily basis Debi would plant seeds by pointing out all the positive things within my life. As Debi planted the seeds I listened to every word that she would say. I watered the seeds that she planted and everyday those seeds started to grow into a beautiful garden. I have found who I am and I know at this time what makes me happy and I honestly love myself. In my life time I have never loved myself as I do today. Debi is amazing in the way she works with you and how she talks to you. Debi takes the time to sit and listen to you and then she will give you the tools that you need to live a lifetime of happiness. I would not be where I am today and have the happiness I have daily. I cannot thank Debi enough for all she has done for me. This woman is truly amazing.

Debi has also taken the time to work with my kids as well and because of that my kids and I have a stronger bond. We are able to communicate with each other. My kids have respect for her and listen to her. My kids as well take the seeds that Debi plants within them and they water their garden. My kids have grown and are becoming amazing kids. My family has become a strong family that communicates with each other and we can truly love each other unconditionally, with the thanks of Debi. Debi is a miracle worker and cares for all that she works with.

Many thanks to this Amazing Lady.

Phone: 928-412-1229
1930 Mesquite Ave., Suite 3-A
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403